How do I get there?

see our travel page – <3 hour train from Shanghai, then a 20 minute car at this end

What’s this about a ticket?

We are in a protected scenic area (Sixi Yancun) which charges a fee of 55/ head to enter, including our hotel guests. If you’re staying with us, you only need to pay this once.

Can I still come in the age of COVID?

Yes! Wuyuan is a bit more relaxed then high volume places like Hainan. A green QR is fine. At CNY 2022, the government is asking for a PCR test within 24 hours before arriving in Wuyuan

Can I bring my dog/ other animal?

No – with regrets and apologies, we are dog lovers. We have a cat who is great with people but not dogs. Also its tough if other guests have allergies, and often in China people are not used to dogs.

Can I smoke?

We are a non-smoking hotel, however feel free to light up in the garden. Please no smoking in the rooms, bar, restaurant, bar, skywell courtyards or any other indoor areas

Can I bring my own booze?

yes – but please note we charge corkage of 50 RMB if you’d like to drink it in our public areas and/or use our glasses. We have a full wine list and bar here. We know what its like travelling in the Chinese countryside so we understand, and you are welcome to drink whatever you’d like in your room!

What will I do there?

Please see our Activites page

I don’t speak a word of Chinese/ I’ve never left Shanghai before. Help!

We’re the right place for you. Ed, Selina and the team all speak English and welcome foreigners. We’re easy to get to, but just a bit challenging that it feels interesting. We’re a great place for your first or hundredth jaunt away from Shanghai.

Is Ed really Like Basil Fawlty?

Should I go to Victoria House or Skywells?

Skywells. Read more here

What’s the weather like?

Same climate, different weather to Shanghai:

  • Winter can dip below freezing.
  • March, April, May are lovely.
  • June, July are plum rains
  • August and September are sunny and hot
  • October, November, early December are lovely

When is the best time to visit?

We’ll always busy in national holidays.

Autumn and winter are our favourites.

Rapeseed/ Canola blooms are the middle 10 days of March. Chinese friends will tell you this is ‘the’ time to go, but its busier and a bit dearer than other times.

Winter we get the fire going and the bar is really cosy