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A rare 300 year old courtyard mansion, lovingly restored in the heart of Wuyuan county, China. This house has seen the rise and fall of the Qing empire, the Nationalists, Communists and Modernity all glide past its front door. Isolated from the carnage of the 20th century by the misty Wuyuan mountains, experience China as it was. Brought lovingly into the 21st Century with 14 modern bedrooms, We invite you to come and share this utterly unique experience with us.


Wuyuan is a county of ancient villages in the Jiangxi countryside. We are located in Yan village, (Sixi Yancun scenic area) a protected 900 year old village which cars can not enter.

Wuyuan Rail: Taxis gather around the high speed railway station in Wuyuan town. It takes 20 minutes to reach the village. Wuyuan train station has direct trains to Beijing (7 hours) and Shanghai (3 hours) and Huangshan (22 mins) on the new high speed network.

Jingdezhen Airport: 70 minutes by taxi to Yan village


(updated July 2020)


After closing in February and March, we have been open for business ever since 2020. We have had a small but steady stream of guests from mostly Shanghai, but also other parts of the country since then. It is safe, and you are welcome. The villages are also very quiet given people haven been traveling much, so you’re unlikely to see other people.  Please note:

QR codes are less of a thing here than in the city generally – you won’t need a Jiangxi QR code to get here.

We have had lots of Shanghai and Beijing families come here and back with no problem, we’ve also made the trip ourselves many times without it affecting our Shanghai QR code.

Up-update! Beijing families also welcome. Best to check in with us before you set off.

Tales from the village

To find out more about how an Englishman got lost up in the hills of rural China, and how one goes about restoring an early Qing mansion...